"Staging" is a buzzword used by many realtors today.  They often utilize the services of "professional stagers" who charge thousands of dollars to come in and improve the overall feel of a property.  The stager's approach is very similar every time, and therefore the finished product has a common feel to it.  The Kliewer Team takes a different approach with each property we list.  And like every other aspect of our marketing, since we cannot rely on third parties to meet our exacting standards, our approach to the staging process is hands-on. 

The Kliewer Team combines our experience, expertise and marketing skills to the all-important aspect of maximizing the sales price of a seller's home.  Sometimes it may be as easy as de-cluttering and updating but often it takes more.  Recommendations are made to ensure the greatest return on investment.  If The Kliewer Team recommends a dollar be spent, the expectation is a quicker sale with considerably more than a dollar gained on the sales price.

We work directly with our home seller clients on furniture and accessory placement.  Many times the cost of bringing in additional items is not necessary. . . rearranging and streamlining items already in the home can create an environment that is emotionally appealing.  We also suggest maintenance and repair items that need attention both inside and out.  A relatively small investment in front yard landscaping can create a huge impact on curb appeal.  New paint and carpet are sometimes recommended as they are small expenses compared to their emotional appeal - which translates into a greater sales price.

The Kliewer Team has experience in managing somewhat extensive face-lifts on both older and newer vacant homes.  With expert management, an "ugly duckling" can transform into a "beautiful swan" for a very reasonable sum.  In 2011, The Kliewer Team helped a seller update an older property to enhance its marketability.  The home as it originally stood was expected to sell for about $650,000.  After an investment of approximately $15,000, the home quickly sold for $695,000.  The $15,000 spent to update the property yielded a $45,000 increase in sales price - a sizeable return on those invested dollars.  It takes the right kind of carefully thought out recommendations to translate into this type of yield.  The Kliewer Team has the experience to make these recommendations.

As part of our listing presentation, The Kliewer Team provides a thorough in-home consultation.  If chosen as your listing agent, The Kliewer Team will "roll up our sleeves" and work with you to create an emotionally compelling environment that will maximize the sales price of your home.